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When Do You Update Your Estate Plan?

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Keeping your estate plan updated can be just as important as developing your estate plan. Here are several life events and reasons why you may need to update your estate plan.

1. If you have married, divorced, or remarried.
2. If a child or a grandchild is born.
3. If you plan to leave money to a charity.
4. If someone you have included in your estate plan dies or becomes incapacitated.
5. If you have moved to another state.
6. If laws affecting your estate have changed.
7. If you have inherited assets.
8. If you have bought or sold a business.
9. If your assets have otherwise changed significantly.
10. If you are getting ready to retire.
11. If you have bought real estate outside of your home state.
12. If you have won the lottery (I know, I wish I had this problem too!!!)

If you have been affected by any of the foregoing life events, and you would like to update or revise your estate plan, then please feel free to call me at (405) 254-5005.

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