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What Does It Mean For An Attorney To Have An AV® Preeminent™ Rating?

I was recently awarded the AV® Preeminent™ Rating by Martindale-Hubbell and was asked by a client of mine what this means. The gist of the question is: Why would I care if my...

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What is Ancillary Probate?

Are you an heir or family member of someone who has died in another state but who owned mineral interests in Oklahoma at the time of his or her death?  Has the...

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Two Scenarios When Your Oklahoma Non-Compete Agreement Might Be Enforceable

In my last post, I told you that Oklahoma has made a public policy decision to invalidate non-compete agreements which prevent employees from competing with their former employers. However, Oklahoma law carves...

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Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable Under Oklahoma Law?

It is a staple of contract law that the non-breaching party should be compensated for the “benefit of the bargain.” However, when the bargain is struck between an employer and an employee...

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10 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan

There is a common misperception that estate planning is reserved for the wealthy. Other persons rationalize that they are too young to have an estate plan. However, you don’t have to be...

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