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When Do You Update Your Estate Plan?

Keeping your estate plan updated can be just as important as developing your estate plan. Here are several life events and reasons why you may need to update your estate plan. 1....

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What is a TOD or POD account? What are their disadvantages?

A financial advisor friend of mine had a client who owns a transfer on death account for her adult son. Her son is not in a position to be financially responsible for...

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Estate Planning 101

Estate planning 101 presentation I recently had a chance to speak at the Certified Retirement Financial Advisor chapter meeting about basic Oklahoma Estate Planning. The goal was to explain what Oklahoma Estate Planning...

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Minimizing a Personal Representative’s (and Beneficiary’s) Personal Liability to Pay Taxes

A CPA recently told me that one of his clients, who was the personal representative of his dad’s estate, distributed all of the estate’s assets to the beneficiaries of the estate before...

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Don’t Forget Oklahoma’s Voluntary Tax Compliance Initiative!

Do you owe income tax, sales tax, withholding tax (or other taxes) to the State of Oklahoma? Are you an Oklahoma business, doctor, lawyer, nurse, electrician, chiropractor, or other person with an Oklahoma license or permit...

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